Web Design, Logo Design, SEO
Client: The Diamond Foundation

Diamond Foundation

The Diamond Foundation is one of our largest clients. We created a logo for the organization and built their responsive website.
The project took about three months because of the “no rush” pace the client preferred while working with us. The site features:

  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Two Languages: English & French
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Image Size optimization
  • Schema.org tags

Logo Design


Search Engine Optimization

SEO for The Diamond Foundation was particularly challenging because there were other existing organizations with the same exact name (and there were many of them). Plus, one of the other existing organizations also had a director with the same exact first name and last name as that of the Diamond Foundation president.

This made it difficult to bring a brand new site to the top of the Google search results. Nonetheless, we optimized the site well and filled it with light but beautiful graphics and unique content to increase its ranking. We ticked all the checkmarks in terms of Search Engine Optimization, made the website mobile friendly, and as a result, The Diamond Foundation website is at the top of the search results for the “Diamond Foundation” query.

Top Result On Google

There were several existing organizations with the same exact name. It was a challenge getting to the top of the search results. Nonetheless, we achieved it: #1 on Google.

3 Months to Launch

Working closely with the client, the project took 3 months to complete from start to finish. This includes content integration, search engine integration, logo design and revisions.