Automator Bot for Amazon Relay – Single License

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Auto booker for Amazon Relay. Automate your booking process and dispatcher tasks using this browser extension. Set your load search parameters and turn on the autobooker to refresh the list automatically, and then book (and confirm) as soon as a matching load becomes available and appears on the list. Find and book the best and most profitable loads and trips automatically. Works with Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge browsers. Also can be run on Firefox.

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Amazon Relay Automator is an auto booker extension or a browser-based bot, or script, that is placed into a Google Chrome (or Edge, or Brave) Browser Extension, that was developed by us for a cargo company that helps automate the booking process. It can automatically refresh the list at a custom interval, and book a load that matches your search criteria automatically as soon as it becomes available. It also has sound notifications for when a load is booked, when a new load is added to the list, or when a load is gone from the load board. It saves you time and money by eliminating the need to have dispatchers stare at the screen for hours at a time. Please note that this tool also works with the latest updated version of the Amazon Relay Load Board. Watch demo video.

Update log

  • June 20, 2023 – Version 5.0.3 Updated to work with the latest Loadboard updates. Refresh and “Stop and Ask” works and will notify you when a load is found. AutoBook coming soon.
  • January 6, 2022 – Version 4.26Updated to work with the latest Loadboard updates. Supports automatic booking and notifying you of a new load without autobooking. Also runs without “autobook” or “stop and ask” selected, which will play sounds when new loads are added to the result list, or if the load list shrinks. 
  • October 12, 2021 – Version 4.24Works with the newest Load Board, as of October 12, 2021.

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