Link Building for Local Businesses — Whiteboard Friday

Link Building for Local Businesses Whiteboard Friday

So that means that your location is part of your topic because it’s some of the information that tells Google where you should be ranking, what terms you should show up for. The good news, though, is that it also means that you have more opportunities to rank. There’s more websites that you can go to to build links because you have another topic. It’s not just plumbing, it’s plumbing in your city, in your county, in your state, in your region.

All of those things are areas where you can find ways to build links for your website.

So I wanted to test this hypothesis that your location is a topic. And what I did was I took the top 10 ranking pages for HVAC keywords across the top 50 cities by population in the US. And my findings are this table right here. As far as the first page rankings, these are the sites that had the most rankings on the first page. I looked at word count to see if that was a factor, and there was only a 40-word difference between the best-ranking and the worst-ranking pages on average. So it didn’t really become such a huge factor, the number of words on the page. So what really ended up being the biggest difference was how these links were categorized. What was the topic of these sites? That ended up being the big differentiator. Because as you can see, number of links didn’t really factor in that much.

This site has seven links, but it has 118 first page rankings. This site has 32, has 121. So there is no real differentiation in their results despite the pretty big difference in the number of links that they’ve built.