Data Scraping Service

Oftentimes a website can have invaluable data which you wish you had in Excel or Google Sheets. We can help scrape this data for you and put it into a spreadsheet. We can scrape or parse any kind of data from any website and organize it into a spreadsheet, clean the data, and make it easily filterable and sortable.

How we’ve scraped a website for 6000 data items

We scraped a website for one of our clients collecting nearly 6000 entries and placed this data into a spreadsheet. We then cleaned this data, merged duplicates, and made the data filterable and sortable. This process effectively made our client’s job significantly easier, saving them a ton of time. They used to click through a site, copy paste items one by one, spending so much extra time. And now, all they have to do is filter our spreadsheet, highlight the data they need, paste it into an email, and be done with it. This translates into hundreds of hours saved every year.

We can scrape websites for data, we can parse data, we can organize, clean up, merge data for you, whether in spreadsheets or in databases. Reach out and we’ll be happy to help. We can give you a free quote for your project in a matter of minutes.