Website & SEO For a Food Vendor

Website & SEO For a Food Vendor

Client: Frankie's Dogs on the Go


Frankie’s Dogs

Frankie’s Dogs on the Go! This design is fully responsive / mobile-friendly, minimal, yet elegant one. It features a gorgeous picture of Grand Station in New York City, where Frankie’s Dogs is located, and a 3D menu that opens up when you click on it, revealing Frankie’s menu.

This site was built quickly but with a touch of genius. It’s been proudly bringing new customers to Frankie’s stand thanks to our carefully incorporated Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Site Features

  • Beautiful Minimalist Design
  • 3D Animated Menu
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Top Result On Google!

When you search Google for “Frankie’s Dogs” — Frankie’s website is at the very top, second only to their own Yelp page. Thus, anyone who is searching for hotdogs or food near Grand Central, will likely stumble on Frankie’s responsive website, bringing in more customers every day.

Check it out for yourself.

#1 On Google
Frankie’s Dogs comes up at the very top of the search results on Google, second only to its own Yelp page, thus bringing in tons of new customers who are looking for food around Grand Central.
Minimalistic 3D Design
This was a quick project, but we didn’t compromise style or quality. Besides the gorgeous look, we also incorporated optimization techniques to make the site fast, and easy to be found online.