Best Hosting in 2019 (Coupon inside)

Best Hosting in 2019 (Coupon inside)

Whether you’re a client of ours or not, you may wonder what hosting provider is the best. Hosting your site(s) is a serious matter. Your hosting service provider is going to be your website’s very home, storing all its files and data on its servers. And once you make your decision, you may end up being stuck with them for years. After all, who wants to be migrating 42 websites? 

Well, here’s one recommendation from someone who’s been building websites for a decade and a half: DreamHost, and I will tell you why.

Amazing customer service

This is a big one, obviously. DreamHost does not mess around with their customer support. Every single time I had to ask them a question or reach for help, I always heard back right away, and moreover, I heard back from an actually intelligent person who described a solution to my problem perfectly. They have a very talented team and their leader(s) seem to be very intelligent and fun (and healthy, too, apparently, because they’ve been around forever). I’m subscribed to their newsletter and it’s one of the only newsletters that I actually read (and enjoy). 

99.9% Uptime

I monitor my websites’ uptime and DreamHost has always been on top of their game. Never had outages longer than sometimes necessary. 

Solid Prices

I’ve been using DreamHost since maybe 2005-2006. Always been happy with them, and their prices. I have both shared and VPS / Virtual Private Server accounts. Now if you’re a small site and don’t need anything fancy, the Shared plan is something I’d recommend. If you’re more serious, have a bigger Web App to run and/or need Node.JS, then the VPS option is right for you. 

They also have Dedicated servers, and “DreamPress” if you need to host a WordPress site. This one is specifically designed to efficiently run WordPress. 

If you’ve decided to get more serious about your digital endeavors and decided to get a reliable hosting provider, I suggest you go with DreamHost. They’ve been treating me well and their servers have been a good home for many of my websites.  

Here’s a $50 Coupon

Here’s a 50$ off deal for you. The link will take you directly to DreamHost’s official website and offer you $50 off on the annual plan. And as a bonus, we’ll get credit too, because we are (happily) hosted by them too!

Thanks and feel free to share your thoughts below.

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