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Whether your business website can be found on Google is pretty much everything, for most businesses. And for others, it’s can they get even more business. Why not optimize yourself to be found online? To do that, we have to play nice with Google, the biggest search engine in the world. How do we do that? For starters, we can use its free tool to benchmark our website.

How Most Websites Score

The typical score of a poorly built website

How We Want Our Website To Score

Obviously the higher the better. The example below is my own landing page (which can be viewed here) where I’m trying to reach 100 and getting pretty close.

The score of a well-optimized, quick-to-load, responsive website.

How Does Your Website Score?

If you don’t already know, or haven’t recently checked (Google updates its tool and its algorithm quite often), you can do so here.

There are many things you can do, and I will be teaching some of the simpler things in separate pots. But I can’t teach everything because I’ve been doing this for over a decade and there are tons of factors. Hence it’s become its own separate field called Search Engine Optimization. The truth is, it’s a non-stop game where businesses are constantly competing to be at the top.

You can become our client if you wish to hire PixelKraft in advancing your digital look and presence. Once you register (for free), you can schedule a free consultation, request free estimates, and create tickets for specific tasks and goals you want to accomplish through us.